Sarah Christine

Sarah Christine: Free from Fear

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Artist: Sarah Christine

Artist: Sarah Christine
Title: Free from Fear

Free From Fear began as a song and transformed into a personal mission. When I set out to record the single it started as an experiment simply to see what could happen, and ended up becoming my mantra and declaration as I decided it was time to make my album. I truly believe that everyday we have the choice to choose how we walk and create our lives. We can choose the path of fear, or we can choose the path of LOVE. There will always be obstacles, which present the best learning opportunities. Love reveals our path and opens doors. It's not easy to make our dreams reality, it takes a lot of work, sacrifice, focus and follow through..But the satisfaction of going for it full throttle will out live the feelings of regret and doubt that fear based decision making will indeed lead us into. The songs on the album are personal testaments to the power of faith and trusting in the wisdom of the heart. There is a heavy reggae influence due to my love for that kind of music that has a strong message of truth interwoven with drums and bass you can feel at your core. Music is medicine and I believe we are living in a time where we could all use some more positive affirmations and soul healing.

1.1 Vibration Intro
1.2 Why Worry
1.3 Free from Fear
1.4 People Change
1.5 Leap of Faith
1.6 Whatcha Gonna Do
1.7 New Mistakes
1.8 Life
1.9 Change

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