Sarah Dashew

Sarah Dashew: Where I Belong

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Artist: Sarah Dashew

Artist: Sarah Dashew
Title: Where I Belong

A little over a year ago, a friend asked Sarah Dashew to pen some songs for an independent film he had written and directed. She put aside her Taylor, cracked her knuckles and sat down at a piano for the first time since she was 11. Two songs later, Sarah knew she was on her way to a new album: something with rhythm and blues, light and dark, whimsical and grounded all at once. "I was laying on my bed reading the script, and this melody went coursing through my head," says Sarah. "I could hear the trumpet and smell late-night smoke." Then she laughs. "That's so LA-a screenplay inspired the first song I wrote for my new album." Where I Belong features 10 original tracks that weave a passionate journey of love, place and belonging. Titles like "Call Me Your Girl," "Take Me In," "Everywhere You Go" and "Almost Here," lay out the pattern before the music even starts. "Home has always been a dominant theme for me" says Sarah. "Growing up on a boat, always moving, all the hellos and goodbyes, made me a kid who longed to be rooted." When it came time to record Where I Belong, Sarah had a clear vision and decided to tackle the job of co-producer, along with her producer friend from Austin, Eric Peterson. "I knew this record was going to be lighter, a little sweeter. I was in a lighter place, and I wanted the songs to lift...I wanted a combination of pop and soul and stripped. And horns. I had to have some horns." To that end, four of the ten tracks on the album feature horns-everything from the sweet and playful interlude of the title track to the muted trumpet on the languid late-night "Almost Here." In "Call Me Your Girl" and "Take Me In" Sarah turns herself inside out with honest, vulnerable lyrics that show she isn't afraid to ask for the love she wants. "Dear John" is a break-up song with moving lyrics that make the listener feel the anticipation of discovery ("Before the sun is even up, before there's coffee in your cup, before you notice, even notice, that I'm gone"). "Traveling Moon," inspired by Sarah's childhood on the ocean, feels like a warm, tropical breeze and the stark piano ballad "Anywhere" is a sweet promise to a loved one. The Beatles Sgt. Pepper style "Everywhere You Go" came out of Sarah's desire to write her own la la song for her live shows "because nothing feels quite as nice as singing la la's together. And what I mean by singing la la la is that no matter what you do or where you go, you take everything you have with you: your fears and sorrows, your love and expectation, your bad habits, your sweetness, your memories, your love of the ocean or love of a dark-haired beauty, your everything... And what can you do about that? Absolutely nothing. You breathe in and out. You live. You sing. You sing la la la." The hooky, celebratory horns in "Hey Hey" close the album with it's New Orleans style chorus and it's life-affirming lyrics ("Hey, hey, we're all gonna die someday, oh but I'm alive tonight"). "It's about my longing to live in the here and now and find hope and joy no matter what life throws at you."

1.1 Where I Belong
1.2 Call Me Your Girl
1.3 Take Me in
1.4 Big Love
1.5 Almost Here
1.6 Dear John
1.7 Everywhere You Go
1.8 Anywhere
1.9 Traveling Moon
1.10 Hey Hey

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