Sarah Wright: Dear Mom I Love You

Sarah Wright: Dear Mom I Love You
Title: Dear Mom I Love You
Label: CD Baby

My voice is a computer. I have cerebral palsy. My brain is missing a piece that aids in the processing of visual stimuli and language, so I cannot verbally communicate. I have been writing songs since January 2007. i feel as if music gave me as much a voice as anyone else and now I can express my innermost feelings of hardship, love, anger, and my dreams. Music looks into my spirit and provides my innermost thoughts with the voice that had been lacking.

1.1 Dear Mom
1.2 Mother, If One Day
1.3 Bittersweet
1.4 You Light Up My Life
1.5 Love Lasts So Long
1.6 Love Pours Over Me
1.7 Love, Sarah
1.8 The Sunday
1.9 I Love You More Each Day
1.10 A Birthday Poem

Sarah Wright: Dear Mom I Love You

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