Saray Ramirez

Saray Ramirez: Into My Soul

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Artist: Saray Ramirez

Artist: Saray Ramirez
Title: Into My Soul

In 'Into My Soul' you will find a Saray that you have not seen before, with a record with which she feels comfortable, and with which she expresses herself freely. So the themes of this first album are fusion of Soul, the style that best conveys her ideas and feelings. The songs included on this disc have something special for her and would like to become equally special songs for those who listen. The songs talk about everyday things: love, hope, nostalgia, the value of friendship, the need for communication between people... She had never dared to write so far, this work will find a song from it and some letters, this is the reason why she is very emotionally attached to this project and she only hopes his work will be musical enjoyed.

1.1 No
1.2 Can't Keep My Eyes Away from You
1.3 De Nuevo, Otra Vez
1.4 El Destino Puede Esperar
1.5 Sueño Que Persigo
1.6 Olvidar El Adios
1.7 Into My Soul
1.8 4 Seasons
1.9 You Don't Say No

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