Satrina Kelley-Jordan

Satrina Kelley-Jordan: I Just Want to Worship You

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Product Type: CD

Title: I Just Want to Worship You
Label: CD Baby

My music was made with the notion to encourage and inspire others. God is so amazing that He took the time to lovingly create each one of us to be beautiful and unique. I live life each day wanting to be a blessing to someone else and I hope that by sharing this song and others that will come, that someone will be uplifted and encouraged. My life is totally focused on pleasing God and nothing else matters, so this song says Lord 'I Just Want to Worship You.' I pray that God allows people to hear this work and to glorify Him!! Thanks again to the amazing people who helped with this song, James 'JP' Paden who produced it, Courtney, Shakari, Amanda, and Julian, may God continue to bless and keep each of you!

1.1 A Worshipper's Heart: I Just Want to Worship You - Satrina Kelley-Jordan

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