Sauce Boss: Sky Blues

Sauce Boss: Sky Blues
Title: Sky Blues
Label: CD Baby

He sings the blues He cooks the gumbo He plays the guitar He writes the tunes He makes the hot sauce He leads the band He says the blessing He feeds the masses He's the SAUCE BOSS 'Sky Blues' is not your 'crying in your beer' kind of blues. 'Sky Blues' is up...way up. Blues for the beach from the Florida-based Gumbo Man. Full of energy and good vibes, like the legendary live shows by the Sauce Boss, this CD was shot from the hip with mostly first takes and few overdubs. 12 new originals from the Sauce Boss and a cover from Robert Johnson 'Come on in My Kitchen' and one from John Martyn--the prophetic 'Don't Want to Know.' It's as close to 'live' as you get in the studio. Salt water blues from the dude with the hot sauce. ONE MORNING IN THE EARLY '70'S, THE SAUCE BOSS WALKED OUT OF HIS HOUSE AND FOUND A 1933 VINTAGE NATIONAL STEEL GUITAR in his front yard. Years later he combined his blues with his hot sauce in a big pot of gumbo, made right on stage. Singing the recipe, he twined his music and cooking together into a new medium. IN THE LAST TWELVE YEARS, THE SAUCE BOSS HAS FED OVER 130,000 PEOPLE, a few at a time...all for free, while playing his own swampy Florida blues. The Sauce Boss says 'If we could forget our differences for a moment, sit down to the table, share some dinner, and treat each other like neighbors, maybe we could work some of this stuff out.' A Sauce Boss event transcends performance. It's a soul-shouting picnic of rock & roll brotherhood involving everyone. 'Praise the Lord and pass the grits.' JIMMY BUFFETT SINGS ABOUT THE SAUCE BOSS in his 'I Will Play for Gumbo' song. Parrotheads all over the country are bringing the Sauce Boss to 'play' and a' sway' with the gumbo' at their events. Festivals throughout the US and Canada are featuring the Sauce Boss and his gumbo. His songs 'Let the Big Dog Eat' and 'Great Big Fanny' appeared on the Jimmy Buffett compilation album 'Margaritaville Café Late Night Menu.' And 'Let the Big Dog Eat' is also in Jonathan Demme's film 'Something Wild.' NPR's 'All Things Considered' and 'Morning Edition' have both covered the Sauce Boss. Camera crews from CNN and EXTRA sent film crews to New York City Sauce Boss extravaganzas in 2000, The Food Network's series 'Extreme Cuisine' visited the Sauce Boss on location in New York, and another Food Network series 'Keith Famie's Adventures' filmed a recent Sauce Boss show in Miami, which aired on 6/17/02. SAUCEBOSS.COM is high tech on a dirt road: down home and state of the art at the same time. Receiving over 1 million hits a year, SAUCEBOSS.COM offers fans recipes for the famous gumbo, sound samples of Sauce Boss Bill Wharton's original songs, and they can subscribe to the monthly newsletter--'The Sauce Boss Gazette.'

1.1 A Little Rhythm and Blues
1.2 Let's Book
1.3 Come on in My Kitchen
1.4 Down in Georgia
1.5 Sky High
1.6 Blues de Gringo
1.7 I Need a Friend
1.8 Postcard with the Blues
1.9 Don't Want to Know
1.10 Kinda Rough
1.11 The Only Way to Go
1.12 I Don't Want No Whiskey
1.13 Down By the Sea
1.14 Mama's Cookin'

Sauce Boss: Sky Blues

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