Schaffer the Darklord

Schaffer the Darklord: Manslaughterer

$12.28 $14.98

Artist: Schaffer the Darklord
Title: Manslaughterer

NYC-based rapper and comedian Schaffer the Darklord (STD) emerges from the abyss with the release of his third full-length album 'Manslaughterer.' Two years in the making since the release of 2007's 'Mark of the Beast,' 'Manslaughterer' takes STD's signature sinister style and injects it with unprecedented darkness and depth. Among fan-favorite tracks like 'Psyched,' 'The Bender' and 'Battlefont,' listeners will find never-before-heard songs like 'Monsters of Rock,' 'The Invisible Man' and 'Thunder Thief.' From 'Club Destroyer,' an angry guitar-heavy collaboration with instrumental rockers Removal, to 'Pixilated Vixen,' a sexy and infectious electronic dance jam, this third release boasts much more dynamic songwriting and audio production than STD's previous efforts. Mixed and mastered by Latin Grammy-winning engineer James Cruz and featuring cameos from the likes of MC Lars, Coolzey, Shael Riley, Kabuto the Python, Jane Silence, Liisa2Eyes and MC Frontalot, 'Manslaughterer' is STD's most epic release to date. Buy it today or hell demons will come for you. You don't want that to happen.

1.1 Opening from the Black Box
1.2 Arrival of the Fittest
1.3 Club Destroyer (Feat. Removal)
1.4 Psyched
1.5 The Bender
1.6 H-Mail (Feat. Coolzey ; Liisa2Eyes)
1.7 Monsters of Rock (Feat. MC Lars)
1.8 Goddamnit
1.9 Pixilated Vixen
1.10 Message from a Former Employer
1.11 A Very Bad Man
1.12 Buckets of Blood (Feat. Kabuto the Python)
1.13 The Other Devil
1.14 The Invisible Man (Feat. Shael Riley)
1.15 Scorpio
1.16 Visit from MC Frontalot
1.17 Thunder Thief (Feat. Jane Silence)
1.18 Battlefont
1.19 Goodbye, Cool World

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