Schnitzler, Conrad & Pharmakustik

Schnitzler, Conrad & Pharmakustik: Extruder

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Schnitzler, Conrad & Pharmakustik
Title: Extruder
Product Type: VINYL LP

Clear vinyl version. Edition of 150 (numbered). Extruder is the second unreleased album from the 1987 collaboration between Conrad Schnitzler and Siegmar Fricke (Pharmakustik) who composed and made several tapes of session-material during their musical meetings in Berlin. All recordings produced, arranged, and mastered by Siegmar Fricke at Pharmakustik-studio. The album contains high doses of hydraulically-driven energy generated by complex analog equipment. Micro-formed sound pools of cold extrusion collide with voltage-controlled pulsations, tape-echoed modulations, and eruptive sound-deformations. Electrostatic charge (caused by compressed configurations of mechanical rhythms in "Kontaktmechanik") has been combined with sonic lubrications of processed accelerators in "Umspulung". "Abrasion Métallique" contains all the acoustic trademarks by Conrad Schnitzler: excessive experiments with dissonant portamentos of the EMS-Synthi A and Korg MS20, overlaid by metallic pressure drag of the modified rhythm-machine. Acoustically and graphically, Extruder continues in the excellent Schwarz-Rot-Blau-series by Conrad like the pre-released 'Kontraktion'. The audiochemists Conrad Schnitzler and Pharmakustik developed a timeless and uncompromising masterpiece of audiomechanical engineering.

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