Schubert / Gerhaher / Huber

Schubert / Gerhaher / Huber: Die Schone Mullerin

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Artist: Schubert / Gerhaher / Huber
Title: Die Schone Mullerin

14 years after his first recording (originally released on Arte Nova and later RCA), the acclaimed baritone and "most moving singer of the world" (The Telegraph) turns back to "Die schöne Mullerin" together with long-time collaborator and pianist: Gerold Huber. "Die schöne Mullerin" has always been seen as the most important lieder cycle because of it's full-lenght narrative dimension based on a popular and rather simple story: a disillusioned love between a miller's daughter and a young miller's apprentice. With this new recording of "Die schöne Mullerin" including five poems, not set to music by Schubert, in the form of recitations, Gerhaher turns Schubert's famous song cycle with new insights and a new approach: By including Muller's Prolog, Epilog and three other poems: Das Muhlenleben, Erster Schmerz, letzter Scherz and Blumlein Vergissmein, Gerhaher showcases the complexity of Wilhelm Muller's poetry. The five additional poems depict a complex psychological portrait of the miller's apprentice: the story of a young man who loves the idea of being in love more than love itself and his psychological introspection leading to delusional perceptions. Thanks to Gerhaher's inclusion of the five poems, the cycle acquires a greater dramaturgical significance opening up a space to new interpretations of "Die schöne Mullerin". Christian Gerhaher gives insights of his new interpretation in the booklet he wrote especially for this release.

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