Schumann / Uhlig, Florian

Schumann / Uhlig, Florian: Davidsbundler Against Philistines 8

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Product Type: CD

Title: Davidsbundler Against Philistines 8
Label: Swrmusic

With vol. 8, pianist Florian Uhlig reaches the midway point of his widely acclaimed, much admired first truly integral Schumann recording project. - This new CD deals with the dual nature of the composer and writer, finding it's finest expression in the David's bündlertänze (1st version, op. 6). - The typical romantic play of rubrics, musical ciphers and pseudonyms can also be found in the Carnival, op. 9. - Additionally, Mr. Uhlig has collected some related miniatures that Schumann either rejected or were never included in subsequent printed editions, at least three being world premiere recordings.

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