Scor-Zay-Zee: Aeon: Peace to the Puzzle

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Scor-Zay-Zee

Title: Aeon: Peace to the Puzzle
Label: Gangsta Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the album made and a vinyl edition pressed up, Nottingham emcee Scorz returns with the 28 track Aeon: Peace to the Puzzle. Producers: Nick Stez, DJ Fever, Juga-Naut, P-Brothers, Mecca:83, Stejallan, Owais, Zetia, TheElementz, Featuring Artists: Chester P, RAF (Juga-Naut, Vandal Salvage, Cappo), Ali Vegas, Tragedy Khadafi, Nina Smith, Nick Stez, Joy Mumford, DJ Woody, Jabba Tha Kut, Daudi Matsiko. Supporting Wu Tang Clan and NAS on tour in the UK.

1.1 Intium
1.2 Bone Stash
1.3 All In together
1.4 Old School
1.5 The Heart
1.6 Money Worries
1.7 Love 'em All
1.8 Penny For My Thoughts
1.9 Live Free
1.10 Good Grammar
1.11 Equestrianism
1.12 Street Angel
1.13 R.A.F. (Scorz, Vandal Savage, Cappo ; JugaNaut)
1.14 1995
1.15 Lions (feat Nina Smith)
1.16 I'm Not Bragging
1.17 Brain Tour
1.18 Get Up (feat Nina Smith)
1.19 Double Dragon (feat Chester P Hackenbush)
1.20 Ungodly Reason
1.21 Saturday
1.22 Gangsta Wraps / Take The Throne
1.23 Remember (feat. JugaNaut and Ali Vegas)
1.24 Syllabus (feat Joy Mumford)
1.25 Misunderstood (featuring Tragedy Khadafi)
1.26 Heroes Never Die (with Daudi Matsiko)
1.27 Flow Sicker
1.28 Crepps (Bonus Track)

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