Scott Aycock

Scott Aycock: Foxhole Radio

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Scott Aycock

Title: Foxhole Radio
Label: CD Baby

This CD was long in the making and a labor of love. It was also a true communal undertaking. All of the musicians that played on the CD are home grown Oklahomans in and around the Tulsa area. I am a songwriter that is very much influenced by place. My songwriting both reflects my childhood growing up in the delta country of Northeast Arkansas, raised by grandparents who farmed cotton and soybeans for a living, and my love of my present home of Oklahoma and the rich heritage of singer/songwriters that come from this region. Folks like Woody Guthrie, Bob Wills, Leon Russell, J.J. Cale, Vince Gill, Wanda Jackson, Mason Williams, and Jimmy Webb. It is a list that goes on and on. I am proud to be from a place with that kind of lineage and I hope to "do them proud" with this CD. I was truly blessed to have so many of Oklahoma's finest accompany me on my musical vision. It is a vision that has regular people facing the challenges of life with courage and grace. They sometimes stumble and sometimes triumph, but through it all they keep going, because that is all there is to do. Something my grandfather taught me growing up. Now I would like to say something about the title of my CD "Foxhole Radio", because it has a lot to do with the concept of the project. As a child I was a fair student, but the only time I won first place at anything was when I built a foxhole radio for my science project in the science fair. A foxhole radio was made with various, seemingly unrelated parts ie. Toilet paper coil, wire, safety pin, razor blade, pencil, battery, and speaker. It was a radio that could be built if a soldier was on the battlefield, thus the name "foxhole radio". At the time of recording this CD, I did not have a band, and I wanted to showcase not only my songs, but the amazing talent of our Oklahoma musicians. All of the musicians that ended up playing on my CD come from other bands and most of the bands were unrelated. When it came time to come up with a title for the CD, I thought this project is not unlike how I built my foxhole radio; seemingly unrelated parts coming together to make a sound. This also falls within the great Tulsa tradition of musicians from various genres coming together in a supportive atmosphere to jam, resulting in a musical gumbo that is truly "organic". This project is a celebration of my songs, but equally, it is a celebration of all the talented Oklahoma musicians, producers, and engineers that came to this project and gave their all. I am grateful to live in a place with such richness and diversity of talent.

1.1 Thousand Headlights
1.2 Poor Boy's Dream
1.3 We're All in This Together
1.4 The River Runs
1.5 Lay Me Down
1.6 Love Among the Ruins
1.7 Delta Deals in Dreams
1.8 Discount Rate
1.9 Mabel and Jo Eddie
1.10 Wondering What Tomorrow Will Bring
1.11 Louisiana Stomp
1.12 Circus Love

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