Scott Free

Scott Free: Witches Among Us (Original Cast Album)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Scott Free

Title: Witches Among Us (Original Cast Album)
Label: CD Baby

1.1 Black Hallow's Eve
1.2 I Don't Think So (Feat. Julia Chereson)
1.3 The Undesirables (Feat. Caitlin Jackson)
1.4 As You Get Older (Feat. Saja Blevins ; Matthew Huston)
1.5 Witches Among Us (Feat. Max Hinders)
1.6 Too Good to Be True (Feat. Kirk Jackson)
1.7 A Few Tricks Up My Sleeve (Feat. Matthew Huston)
1.8 Women of Salem (Feat. Julia Chereson ; Caitlin Jackson)
1.9 You and I (Feat. Caitlin Jackson)
1.10 Mambo Voodoo Lounge (Feat. Jamal Howard)
1.11 Who Put a Spell on Who (Feat. Matthew Huston ; Caitlin Jackson)
1.12 Normal (Feat. Kirk Jackson ; Christopher Selefski)
1.13 The Potion Song (Feat. Saja Blevins)
1.14 Bright
1.15 The Thunderstorm Song (Feat. Rachel Ren\Xe9E)
1.16 Not Anymore (Feat. Anthony Powell)

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