Scott Gagner

Scott Gagner: Rhapsody in Blonde

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Scott Gagner

Title: Rhapsody in Blonde
Label: CD Baby

Originally from Minnesota, Gagner began his career as a drummer for several bands in San Francisco. After several years, he traded in his drums for an acoustic guitar and began writing songs. A rabid interest in home recording quickly developed, and he began capturing his tunes on a 4-Track Cassette Recorder in his bedroom. Several years and several hundred songs later, he took the best tracks to Decibelle Recording in San Francisco, recruiting the ace rhythm section of Prairie Prince (The Tubes, XTC, Todd Rundgren) and John-Paul McLean (Rainmaker) on drums and bass, respectively. The basic tracks were recorded live, including guitar and vocals, in one day. After a few overdub sessions at the studio and at home, the album was mixed at Decibelle and John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone.

1.1 I Hate to Say
1.2 Speak ; Spell
1.3 Laura No. 1
1.4 You Can Say That Again
1.5 Right Before My Eyes
1.6 Love You More
1.7 Houdini
1.8 Between
1.9 Take Two
1.10 Ride
1.11 The Least I Can Do
1.12 Laura No. 2
1.13 Golden Mean
1.14 Sweet Child O' Mine

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