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Scott Kalechstein: Something New

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Artist: Scott Kalechstein
Title: Something New

If you get one Scott Kalechstein CD, this is the one to get! 'The album is truly a masterful collaboration, with Scott's vocals moving with the band from one style to another (jazz, pop, samba and swing) with the ease of a cat jumping up on a fence. Scott has truly found his voice in these songs. At times smooth and liquid, then full and spicy, he rocks us and cajoles us and makes us want to push 'Play' again and again when it's done.' -The Light Connection In Scott's Words: I'm so proud. I'm a proud father. I hate playing favorites when it comes to my musical children, but, in all honesty...This is my best CD. By far. Hands down. Case closed. I can't imagine anyone listening to this and not being totally touched, uplifted, stirred, tickled and thrilled. Expect a few belly laughs, as there are songs here that will make your face ache from laughter. But there are also some deeply romantic tunes, as well as a few that are sexy and sultry. There is something for everyone here. I predict you will want to buy multiple copies for gifts.' AN EXPLOSION OF JOY! Here is some information about each song that I think will enhance your listening experience: 1. Something New I wrote Something New when I was embarking on a new, wonderful and scary relationship journey. I didn't want to repeat old patterns, and I was scared of doing so. I wrote this song to empower and encourage myself and others to not shy away from discomfort and fear as we are step out on a road less traveled. I have found in my life that the bigger the dream, the more fears come up to be embraced and released on the road to manifesting our heart's desires. The ego self can feel very threatened by thoughts and actions that reflect a trust in the universe and a belief in the bigness who we really are. This song brings us right to the edge of our self-imposed limits and beckons us to leap into the unknown with courage - feeling the fear and doing it anyway! 2. The Call I wrote The Call to encourage all of us to step out of our own way and let something bigger direct us to our most joyous expression. The song uses my life as an inspirational mirror, chronically my journey from childhood to the present in five minutes or so. It's about how I've learned to let the personality serve the needs of the soul and answer The Call. 3. Freedom Child Freedom Child is an antidote to perfectionism and any and all rigidity. It calls to us from the part of God (and therefore deep within ourselves) that is pure playfulness. This song deeply questions the need to tread through life somberly. The Divine Child that we all are wrote this song to awaken the adult out of the slumber of seriousness. Freedom Child began to write itself when my girlfriend asked me to help her lighten up and take herself less seriously. I wrote it for her, but then quickly recognized the universal appeal and opened it up, changing some of the lyrics that only she would relate to. It remains a precious reminder for both of us to choose lightheartedness in any and all situations. 4. A Little Levity This song is about the medicinal quality of humor, levity and play. It is another antidote for the disease of taking life too seriously. Play it as a homeopathic remedy and a reminder to lighten up and let in the light! 5. Mr. Right ( A Poem) Read by my sweetheart, Venus, I wrote this poem to poke fun and bring to consciousness the fantasy that a knight in shining armor is coming to the rescue to end your loneliness, take away your pain, and love you more than you have learned to love yourself. Venus loved reading it, since she has been recovering from this fairy tale over the last few years. 6. Mr. Right (A Song) The song has the same intent as the poem, but is a whole lot funnier. This culture teaches us to look towards romantic relationships for our wholeness and happiness. This song shows us quite humorously where that search leads. That's Venus singing the backround vocals and the voice-overs. 7. Never Again I wrote Never Again while feeling tremendous rage. I was realizing that I had a right to say no to verbal abuse and create appropriate boundaries in a certain relationship. I was screaming, pounding pillows, and laughing hysterically while this song was coming through me. I never had more fun with my anger! 8. Next Time Oh, boy. When I wrote this song I had no intention of sharing it with anyone but my therapist. It's a lighthearted but very honest inventory of my relationship history, highlighting the disfunctional parts. It's also a powerful commitment statement about changing the programming and patterns that creat disharmony and dysfunction in relationships. In the end I decided to share it because we are all in this together, and everyone can benefit from hearing each other's stories. 9. I Want To Make Love Last I wrote this to express the longing to experience a lasting love that didn't fade away after the honeymoon period was over. It also expressed the delicious and difficult challenge of being sexually attracted but choosing to hold off on expressing it so a friendship can blossom first. I consider this song to be the most beautiful and vulnerable that has ever come through me. 10. Traveling Companions An explosion of celebration, this song is my YIPPEE! To the universe for sending me Venus, such an amazing and perfect partner for me to grow with and journey with. 11. The Space In Between Sometimes I called this song The Long Distance Relationship Blues, as it vents the pain of living five hundred miles away from my beloved. (Now I only live a mile away!) Many people have reported that this song speaks to them of the space in between themselves and God, or themselves and their soul, and the longing to be closer. There are many levels and meanings to each line. I wore dark sunglasses when I sang this one. It is touching, funny and sexy as hell! I love it! 12. On The Same Page Another celebration of love bursting from my heart. After many attempts to fit a sqare peg in a round relationship hole, my experience with Venus was and is of a perfect fit. No red flags, no painful compromises, just a delicious perfection to be explored and celebrated. Of course, that perfection includes triggering each other to evolve and stretch in ways we probably wouldn't have chosen on our own. But we both are ready and ripe for such growth, and we embrace it equally with an identical soul hunger and commitment. This song encourages us all not to compromise or settle for anything less than what feels totally right when it comes to choosing a life partner. Finding My Singing Voice An excerpt from Scott's forthcoming book I sing. I sing as part of my livelihood. I sing for my supper, and I am happy to say that I am not going hungry - although friends who watch me eat after a concert might disagree! I pay the rent, take care of bills on time, and go to movies, all with the money I earn from offering my musical gifts. People who hear me sing often assume that I've been a singer forever. The truth is that most of my life I did not sing, and finding my voice was quite an adventure for me. I was one of those people who believed you are either born with a natural talent for singing or you are doomed to be a non-singer all your life. This was a curious thought, because I had started from scratch with both the violin and guitar, and stumbled through learning to play them over time. When I took violin lessons I knew that through practice and diligence I would learn to play the violin. When I took up guitar I knew that I would eventually, with the help of my weekly lessons, become a guitar player. Yet somehow it did not enter my mind that I could take singing lessons and learn how to sing. Much to my delight I discovered that the voice is just another instrument, and that it can be developed through exercises, practice and persistence. In a few years I went from playing my guitar without singing to making my own recordings and putting myself out in the world as a (

1.1 Something New
1.2 The Call
1.3 Freedom Child
1.4 A Little Levity
1.5 Mr. Right (A Poem)
1.6 Mr. Right
1.7 Never Again
1.8 Next Time
1.9 I Want to Make Love Last
1.10 Traveling Companions
1.11 The Space in Between
1.12 On the Same Page

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