Scott Oakley Trio

Scott Oakley Trio: This Small Group Plays Short Pieces

$11.46 $13.98

Artist: Scott Oakley Trio
Title: This Small Group Plays Short Pieces

1.1 Blood on the Blade
1.2 Circles in My Cell
1.3 My Turn to Return
1.4 Super Major Seven
1.5 The Lost King Crimson
1.6 Perp Walk
1.7 Takin' Names
1.8 We Ride
1.9 Bright Day Falling
1.10 Stealth
1.11 Cold Sharp Blade
1.12 Locked in the Closet
1.13 Banacos Among Us
1.14 Darker Shades of Grayscale
1.15 Glass Groove
1.16 Goodbye When
1.17 Your Inner Voices
1.18 Slowly I Turned
1.19 Marley Jazz
1.20 Cat O Nine Lives

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