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Scott Peterson: Rainshine

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Artist: Scott Peterson

Title: Rainshine
Label: CD Baby

My favorite all time CD is from Tim Pierce, it is a guitar based instrumental album. It was a revelation for me when it came out (1994) because so many guitar based instrumental discs from the late 80's and into the 90's were nothing more than a groove over a beat with wanking solos front to back. Technically thrilling, but emotionally devoid. I am not a huge soloist ripping off licks to blow the walls down. My strength has always come from creating songs that other folks can come together with me on with lyrics and melodies or in this case instrumental melodies. The riffs and solos are there - this is rock after all - but the whole foundation has to be interesting and solid rhythm work... based on songs, not just riffs tossed together like backing tracks so someone can demonstrate their hybrid picking technique at 64th notes over a 14 bar break. So I approached players that had the talent, the taste and the maturity level as a player to know when to open up and when to hold it down. I looked for guys that really have a melodic edge and could give my songs the same ingrediants that a talented vocalist would bring to the table. Ariel Pozzo is a member of the PRS Forum and I got to know him through his posts and upon hearing his work I was completely blown away. Once I finished '725' and posted it online, he sent me an email that said he really liked playing off of my songs and was having fun soloing over my stuff... So I shot for the moon and asked him to work on a song I was just finishing up 'Yvonne's Eyes For Me'.... Much to my surprise, he said, 'Yes.' What is interesting looking back is that there was never a case where I had to ask him to do something different on any of the 9 songs he plays on here. The one part I did change in mixing was the backwards solo in 'Winging It' where he originally extended the chorus melody guitars to fit over the verse, and I wanted it to go straight into the verse. So I took the solo from the first verse and flipped it backwards and put it in there and boy do I like that part of that song. Ariel really likes it too. Happy accident or fate? I dunno, but I sure am happy with it. Steve Whaley is a doctor by trade and a talented writer, arranger and guitarist by nature. I met Steve on the PRS Forum too (see a trend?) and he came up to Michigan in spring 2001 to attend a jam put on by Sid Sharma. At the jam, Steve showed that he was a hell of a guitar player and a nice guy. He sort of off handedly gave me a copy of a CD he had done but never released of his acoustic work. Wow. That disc may yet see the light of day, and is it ever GOOD. So I had finished 'Zach's Song' and Ariel was on a North American Tour with Miguel Mateos so it was just sitting. I wanted to hear an acoustic solo guitar throughout the song and laid down some simple stuff on it that was OK, but not the real deal. So I called up Steve and sent him a copy of it. The man took it to another level. I erased all my stuff and let him just ride the song. What a great job I think he did. So I thought that he could have some fun doing another tune and sent him 'Spacing' to try out. He added bass that was a take on my scratch bass part.... Except his part was better. Then he came at me with the clean verse solos and the end bit. Loved it - he nailed the vibe I wanted and then laid some tasty crunch guitar leads that I liked, but Steve wasn't happy with. So, on his own dime, he hired out a studio and laid down the solos you hear here now... Keep in mind the man is a doctor! Damn! Michael Fredericks is an old friend that happens to be a top notch KILLER bassist. I met him from his stint in the Marilyn Mack Group for close to two years. Mike always had the chops, but he can groove HARD. I always felt that he and I clicked as players and playing live with him was always a trip because he is such a fun guy to watch and play. (Ask him about my imitation of his stage manner - I can do his moves pretty good!). He came down to do 'I Need A...' Which is my version of the song, closer to my original demo that the Marilyn Mack Group turned into 'I Need A Man' on our 1999 disc 'Under'. So Mike shows up with his Fender Jazz 4 string, his Sadowsky 5 and his Sadowsky fretless and I am not one to pass up opportunity. So he layed down the bass parts on 'Radio Song' and 'Pop Song' on the spot and the stuff he did is stellar. Working with Mike is great and I hope that in the future he will be able to help me out more... He has the tone, the touch and the ear... Oh and the chops! The Stories Behind the Songs 'Here we go - I am putting my money where my mouth is... This finished disc is the extension of that statement and my musical journey... The songs presented here on this CD are the result of many obsessed hours of writing, performing, recording, tweaking, mixing, and listening. This entire project is the end product of something technology and hard work has let me accomplish - along with the indispensable talents of incredible gifted musicians like Ariel Pozzo, Steve Whaley and Mike Fredericks. What is it? Modern rock guitar instrumental music with all the feel, soul, melody and groove; minus the mindless shred. The technology benefits I speak of are twofold. First the ability to do this at home at this quality level is a mind blowing to me. The use of software and hardware to create organic grooving music with real instruments and sampled real instruments is overwhelming. I now have the ability to have Steve Smith, Kenwood Dannard, George Pendergast, Neil Conti and a host of other top flight professional drummers playing on my material via legally licensed sample disc material. I would like to emphasis that there are no midi performed instruments anywhere on this disc - only real musicians and sounds - sometimes sampled versions, but always REAL. The second part of the technology benefit is communication through the Internet. Through the Internet I was able to collaborate with top flight musicians like Ariel Pozzo in his home studio in Argentina as I sit here in Michigan, USA; Steve Whaley both at home and in a professional studio in his home state of Indiana; and Michael Fredericks who came across the state of Michigan to sit at my side here and lay down some serious bass. I wrote the music, arranged the parts, performed the songs, engineered my recording, produced the entire thing and mixed and mastered the entire ball of wax. This was the most time consuming, thought provoking, rewarding and tiring project I have ever undertaken outside of marriage and parenting. The tweaking, the learning curve is enormous. The disc you have in your possession is the finest end 'thing' I could possibly muster - no corners were cut, nothing is there by chance. My deepest hope is that someday when you are listening you will lose yourself, even for a moment, in the music without a thought to who or how or why. But in the meantime this is the who, the how and the why to get you started! I would like to dedicate this entire thing to my wife and two sons. Without their very real sacrifice, patience with me and countless hours of support for what I wanted to accomplish - none of this would have ever been possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.... I love you guys! The first result was this song, called '725'. This tune is a collection of 3 jams that I had at that point worked on with my then current band, but they had never found their way into songs... so I took them all and put them all in one song. I liked the energy of it, the simple aggression. I thought to myself as I recorded it, no matter what - this is the first song on the CD. The solos are a contrast to the driving parts, I was going for a Edge (of U2) type of feel with short busts and stabs in lieu of long drawn out phrasing that can become very cliché fast. So how? I did all the drums and samples in Acid Pro 2.0. My goal was to have it sound as totally real as possible. Took me about 10 hours before I was totally happy with

1.1 725
1.2 Pop Song
1.3 I Need a
1.4 Rainshine
1.5 Radio Song
1.6 Yvonne's Eyes
1.7 Zach's Song
1.8 Colin's Song
1.9 Free Me (Abby's Song)
1.10 Spacing
1.11 Unafraid
1.12 Ripping Indy (Excerpt)
1.13 Wing It

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