Scott Reis: Dont Look Back

Scott Reis: Dont Look Back
Title: Dont Look Back
Label: CD Baby

Scott Reis is a high school mathematics teacher in Portland, Oregon. Music has always played an important role in his life, and it finds it's way into his classroom. He manages to balance his professional life with traveling the world, playing tennis, running, and strumming his guitar. He wishes he had more time to dedicate to his songwriting; the songs on 'Don't Look Back' were written during the span of the last six years. Scott and his producer, Quincy Chance, had been working on the recording of these tracks since July 2011. The process of recording and mixing was prolonged due to busy schedules, but eventually 'Don't Look Back' was mastered at Hip Stew Studios, and the finished project was worth the wait. 'Don't Look Back' is the follow up to Scott Reis' debut album, 'Carpe Diem'. The theme of both title tracks is to not dwell on the past, but rather embrace the present moment and hold out hope for the future. We can only move forward and reclaim our lives by accepting our limitations, learning from our mistakes, and giving our hearts time to heal. A special thanks to Martin Vu, for the photo shoot by the St. Johns Bridge, and to Butch Dela Cruz for designing the layout of the album cover. *If you purchase the actual CD of 'Don't Look Back' (not the digital version), it includes a bonus track, 'Siberia', which makes a total of 8 tracks.

1.1 Don't Look Back
1.2 One Chance
1.3 Who Cares
1.4 Sooner Than Later
1.5 Don't Look Back (Remix)
1.6 Dream Come True
1.7 Talk to Me

Scott Reis: Dont Look Back

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