Scott Severin & the Milton Burlesque

Scott Severin & the Milton Burlesque: Birdhouse Obbligato

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Title: Birdhouse Obbligato
Label: CD Baby

Scott Severin & the Milton Burlesque Instrumentation Scott Severin -Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar Pfloyd - Bass Guitar Gary Foster - Drums, Percussion Tim Ranard - Guitars, Vocals Scott Severin and his band, "Scott Severin & the Milton Burlesque", have just finished recording a new CD, 'Birdhouse Obbligato' which is set to be released June 1st. The CD was recorded and engineered by Joel Peterson of "The Faint" at Enamel Studios, mixed and mastered by Tim Ware at Warehouse Studio, and also features the keyboard wizardry of noted film soundtrack composer Joe Delia. Cameos by such Omaha local mainstays as Sarah Benck and Jason Ferguson round out the lineup. It is Scott's first record since his New York recorded, critically acclaimed debut "Unknown Rider", in 2004. The band is hosting a CD release party at The Waiting Room in Omaha, Nebraska, on June 18th 2010. Birdhouse Obbligato is an eclectic movable feast. Hard rocking yet ethereal rockers like "1,000 Heroes" and "I Don't Know" collide with heartbreakingly honest and evocative ballads like "Farshtaist" and "Even Jesus", combine to make this a truly extraordinary recording. Advance reviews of this record strongly indicate that it will be a strong candidate for Album Of The Year in Omaha, but the band has their sights set much higher. Says Severin: "I worked for 3 years on this record. I lost my family, my sanity, and my car keys in it's production. Most records, particularly by local and regional artists, fly as far as they can be thrown. I fully intend for this one to circle the globe, take prisoners, elicit critical praise and controversy not seen since Stravinsky's debut of The Rites Of Spring at the Newport Folk Festival, earn the universal lamentation of all the worlds beautiful women, and elevate my band and I into a strata previously unvisited by man or beast. Or, at least break even". Early signs indicate that The Milton Burlesque are well on their way to achieving many of their goals.

1.1 1,000 Heroes
1.2 The Edge Is Gone
1.3 Birdhouse
1.4 Farshtaist
1.5 I Don't Know
1.6 Even Jesus
1.7 Silent Partner
1.8 New Orleans
1.9 I Won't Get on the Plane
1.10 Danger to Yourself
1.11 1,000 Redux

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