Seabuckthorn: Turns

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Seabuckthorn

Artist: Seabuckthorn
Title: Turns
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing housed in a heavyweight reverse printed jacket. 2017 release. After 2016's well-received EP, I Could See The Smoke, experimental guitarist Andy Cartwright (AKA Seabuckthorn) returns with his full-length album Turns. Turns is an album wrought with vertical forms, heavily cinematic in design and scope. It's an album built from the earth. With eyes closed, one can easily imagine heavy rusted spires rising and collapsing upon themselves, only to be rebuilt from the rubble in the same instant, ever clawing towards the sky, with the rumblings of massive tectonic plates shifting below. That said, Turns is far more of a cerebral experience than it's predecessors. Transitioning seamlessly between hypnotic long-form pieces, minimal harp-like ballads and the primal stomping world-builders that have become Seabuckthorn's calling card.

1.1 Long Voyages Often Lose Themselves
1.2 Of Disappearance
1.3 Occurring Water
1.4 The Trail Already in My Mind
1.5 Dizzying Mountains
1.6 Lanterns
1.7 Plateau Edge
1.8 Near Translucent
1.9 Concerning Otherness
1.10 Turns

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