Sean McGowan

Sean McGowan: Indigo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sean McGowan

Title: Indigo
Label: CD Baby

"Few pleasures equal that of watching a gifted musician hit the track and just sail on out there. You'll hear a lot of tradition in Sean McGowan's guitar: Christian, Burrell, Farlow, Pass. You'll also hear the sound of a musician finding the groove - his groove." James Sallis, author of The Guitar Players: One Instrument and It's Masters in American Music "Sean McGowan is the most promising young solo guitarist I have ever heard. His first CD, River Coffee, paints a broad, beautiful picture of his enormous virtuosity, unrelenting musicality, playful sense of humor and remarkable knowledge of musical history. Guitarists will weep yet laugh with delight as they try to figure out what he is doing, and history will remember Sean as one of the most important guitarists of his generation." Tuck Andress of Tuck & Patti Sean McGowan\'s latest album, \'Indigo\', presents ten solo guitar arrangements and performances of jazz standards from the Classic American Songbook. Each track showcases the artist\'s unique concept of technique and harmony, often utilizing unconventional approaches to express new textures and directions in the solo jazz guitar format.

1.1 Stolen Moments
1.2 I'm Old Fashioned
1.3 My Romance
1.4 Indigo
1.5 Confirmation
1.6 Polkadots ; Moonbeams
1.7 There Will Never Be Another You
1.8 Theo Brown
1.9 Prelude to a Kiss
1.10 Where or When

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