Sean Murray & Paul Marion

Sean Murray & Paul Marion: Anti Matter 09

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Artist: Sean Murray & Paul Marion
Title: Anti Matter 09

Each song is influenced by a theme or concept, which develop into unique set of rhythmic patterns. The rhythm in the air is used to sculpture each song around a primary idea such as the background used in Heavy Weather, which features a common sound to many boaters in New England. In other tracks like '1 hour late' the day starts with the sounds of children playing basket ball and birds chirping then all of a sudden you realize your one hour late for work and chaos breaks out with the clocks beating a crazed frenzy, Ski Jam is based on thoughts during a good run down a Northern Vermont ski area and What Cover is a play on words to infer there was no cover song intended in it's structure. The mix has a mid '70s rock feel with ripping guitar and keyboard leads which beckons for an open mind when listening to each track unfold Comments such as, 'great background to leave on while I'm at work' and 'similar to what we used to play back in the basement in the 70's but a bit more sophisticated,' have been used to describe this effort.

1.1 Heavy Weather
1.2 Sunday Jam
1.3 Ski Jam
1.4 Good Bye Pork Pie Hat
1.5 1 Hour Late
1.6 What Cover
1.7 Dogs (Live from the Dungeon)

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