Sean Rouse

Sean Rouse: Spilled Milk

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Artist: Sean Rouse

Artist: Sean Rouse
Title: Spilled Milk

Although he appears as harmless as an altar boy, the moment Rouse opens his mouth you'll think he's made a deal with the devil. Known for his masterful build-up and in-your-face punch lines, Sean is filthy, depraved and always clever, sure to rile up any audience with his dark look at reality and society....once the utter surprise at the horrific things spewing forth from his drug addled brain wears off.

1.1 Crank Start
1.2 Memories
1.3 Do As I Say
1.4 God Hates Catchphrases?
1.5 Way Too Young
1.6 Ladies and Gentlemen... Slackjaw!
1.7 The Gateway
1.8 Marijuana Is Harmless
1.9 Birdshot
1.10 My Nose Is a Mess
1.11 Y'all Pick 'Em!
1.12 Tsunami Mommy
1.13 Black Don't Crack
1.14 Jack Palance
1.15 Story Time
1.16 Play Ball!!!
1.17 The General
1.18 That's My Time

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