Sean360X: One

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Artist: Sean360X

Artist: Sean360X
Title: One

Recorded in New York, Paris, & Japan, "one" showcases Sean360X backed by uniaumSöUL spi?itual Ankhestra - an international collective of dynamic musicians including Guitarist Richard Padrón (Ms. Lauryn Hill (The Fugees), Zé Luis Oliveira (Bebel Gilberto), award winning Drummer Ramsey Jones (Wu Tang Clan), Drummer Mike Veny (The Fender Music Foundation), EMMY Award winning Kim Olen (All My Children), Trombonist Gregorio Hernandez (TONY Award Winning Blast!), Trumpeter Alicia Rau (Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes), legendary Maxine Brown), Mercury/Universal recording artist Mike Ibrahim, & DJ Yohei Nishiyama (Avex Trax, Highline). The album is all about being one (complete, whole) in it's many manifestations: joy (happy-in BE-in Love-in); questioning (je ne sais quoi (kNOw NOt); longing (quiero mas (want MOre)); and optimism (the meaning of rain). Sometimes it's intensely personal (one), or takes a wider perspective (uniaumSOUL), or might even nontraditional Love (polyAmorous Love). In every case, though, there's an astuteness and sensitivity. Sean360X's musicality assumes a liberating intelligence among the listener, to be repaid as they follow Sean360X unflinchingly into some of the more intimate aspects of life. The meditative opener one is a lovely, touching tribute to self-acceptance - with lines such as 'i am unborn, separate from the embrace of my nonentity,' it is a sincere celebration of self-consciousness tthat showcases the dulcet tones of Sean360X's beautiful melodious voice. PolyAmorous Love, is sun-kissed radio-friendly Bossa Nova ménage à trois featuring Sean360X, Kenya Sollas & BarryTone Foxworth, sings "dare to speak it's name" of nontraditional Love with such earnest, desperate yearning. Happy-in BE-in Love-in, works with a good time afrobeat that gives it an urgency. Rico Superbizzee Washington, the freelance journalist, sings hauntingly on Sean360X's trip-hop opus, the other side. PolyAmorous Love which features Kenya Sollas & BarryTone Foxworth, has a Bossa Nova that has the makings of becoming a quiet-storm classic. One takes the listener back to Sean360X's poetic roots, outlining the attributes of self awareness with a raw spokenword. There is emotion here. Quiero mas (want MOre) is Sean360X's prayer, as heartfelt as Kate Bush or Prince at their most pensive. Je ne sais quoi (kNOw NOt) ('it be what it BE / it BE what it ain't') reflects on the uncertainty of Sean360X questioning everything having the power to make or break a soul; yet a song of such pathos is delivered with a nuance jazz foundation to support the insecurity.

1.1 One
1.2 The Meaning of Rain
1.3 Je Ne Sais Quoi (Know Not)
1.4 Quiero Mas (Want More)
1.5 Quiero Mas Reprise
1.6 The Other Side
1.7 Happy-In Be-In Love-In
1.8 Psalm Dance
1.9 Polyamorous Love
1.10 Uniaumsoul

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