Seance: Fornever Laid To Rest

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Seance

Artist: Seance
Title: Fornever Laid To Rest
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Seance is a Swedish death metal band. The band was formed in March 1990 when two local Linköping bands, Orchriste and Total Death, fused. They split up after two albums in 1998. Most band members were also involved in the bands SATANIC SLAUGHTER and WITCHERY. Patrik Jensen later joined the band THE HAUNTED. They reunited in early 2008 and released a 2009 album, Awakening of the Gods, through Pulverised Records.

1.1 Who Will Not Be Dead
1.2 Reincarnage
1.3 The Blessing of Death
1.4 Sin
1.5 Haunted
1.6 Fornever Laid to Rest
1.7 Necronomicon
1.8 Wind of Gehenna
1.9 Inferna Cabbala

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