Second Culture

Second Culture: Thunder Conjuring Mind

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Second Culture

Title: Thunder Conjuring Mind
Label: CD Baby

Second Culture is a multi-media collective rooted in audio production. At this time, the core of Second Culture is Keyth McGrew, Andy Hutson, Amy Conger, Mark Florin, and Jayson McGrew with various collaborators moving in and out at various stages. The essential mission / concept of Second Culture is creating audio based around electronic generated grooves enhanced with dense layers of lush psychedelic ambience, organic instrumentation, found sound, and some post-rock instrumentation. Both instrumentals and vocal accompaniments are implemented in a production style where Second Culture prefers the approach of music making more from the point of view of being a sonic painting and having the intent of a visual artist as opposed to the traditional approach to music and music making. Second Culture's conceptual manifesto is completely quixotic and holds no interest in what is going on in the music industry, musical trends or upholding any traditions other than ecstatically seducing people with listenable beat oriented music with a dynamic quality that takes the listener on a journey. The life of members of Second Culture straddles all of what could be considered the history of modern music and hybridizes those 'choice facets': the colorful inventive forms and textures of (70's) progressive rock minus the 'over the top' musicianship, the (80's) D.I.Y. frugalism of post rock and early synth pop progressing into 'industrial' and 'goth music', but probably the biggest reference of the Second Culture sound is early 90's U.K. 'ambient' and 'ambient house': The Orb, Future Sound Of London, Orbital, Higher Intelligence Agency, The Irresistible Force, Pete Namlook and Autechre. The pulse or groove of Second Culture is essentially a sequencer-driven sonic sacred geometry with a "math-like quality" from the irregular steps of the sequencers that is held together by a symmetric 4/4 time in the form of drum machine generated "house beats". For this reason Second Culture could be a new sub-genre of 'listening' ambient-techno / IDM you could call "Art-House" if you need a description, or a looser generalization avoiding dance music terms: 'Organic Progressive Psychedelic Electronic'.

1.1 Star Seed People
1.2 Euphoricum Integer
1.3 Traveling Light for Flight
1.4 Sorting Sanctuary
1.5 Telepathic Kiss
1.6 Thunder Conjuring Mind
1.7 Across the Void
1.8 Dream of Nothing
1.9 Entheon Centuries
1.10 Samadhi in Space
1.11 Glass Samurai
1.12 Unlocking Secrets
1.13 Magick People

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