Original London Cast

Original London Cast: The Secret Garden

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Artist: Original London Cast
Title: The Secret Garden

Based on the classic novel about childhood, this show was one of Broadways biggest family hits of the 1990s, with a richly melodic score by composer Lucy Simon and lyricist Marsha Norman.

1.1 Opening
1.2 Scene: India
1.3 There's a Girl
1.4 Scene: The Library at Misselthwaite Manor
1.5 Scene: A Train Platform in Yorkshire / the House Upon
1.6 I Heard Someone Crying
1.7 Scene: Mary's Sitting Room / If I Had a Fine White Ho
1.8 A Girl in the Valley
1.9 Scene: The Ballroom
1.10 It's a Maze
1.11 Scene: The Greenhouse
1.12 Winter's on the Wing
1.13 Scene: The Edge of the Moor
1.14 Show Me the Key
1.15 Scene: Archibald's Library / a Bit of Earth
1.16 Storm 1
1.17 Lily's Eyes
1.18 Storm 2
1.19 Scene: Colin's Room
1.20 Round-Shouldered Man
1.21 Final Storm
1.22 The Girl I Mean to Be
1.23 The House Upon the Hill (Transition) / Scene: Archiba
1.24 Quartet / There's a Man (Transition)
1.25 Race You to the Top of the Morning
1.26 Wick
1.27 Scene: Colin's Room
1.28 Come to My Garden / Lift Me Up
1.29 Come Spirit, Come Charm
1.30 A Bit of Earth (Reprise)
1.31 Scene: The Library / Scene: Mary's Room
1.32 Hold on
1.33 Letter Song
1.34 Where in the World
1.35 How Could I Ever Know
1.36 Finale

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