Section 25: Nature and Degree

Section 25: Nature and Degree
Title: Nature and Degree
Label: LTM

2009 release, the British Post-Punk/Dance outfit's sixth studio album, self-produced and featuring new members Stuart Hill and Steve Stringer. Larry and Vin are also joined by Beth Cassidy, whose vocal style recalls that of her late mother Jenny on 'From the Hip' and 'Love & Hate'. Stand-out tracks include 'Singularity', 'Remembrance', 'Garageland' and 'Saddled with Something'.

1.1 Pop Idol I
1.2 Singularity
1.3 Remembrance
1.4 Garageland
1.5 Larte Du Math
1.6 Attachment
1.7 Saddled with Something
1.8 Forty Days
1.9 One Way or Another
1.10 Mirror
1.11 Agenda
1.12 Pop Idol Il

Section 25: Nature and Degree

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