Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh: Mystic Places of Dawn

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Septic Flesh

Title: Mystic Places of Dawn
Label: Season of Mist

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the 1994 debut album from the Greek Symphonic Death Metal band. Includes four bonus tracks from the Temple of the Lost Race EP (1991).

1.1 Mystic Places of Dawn
1.2 Pale Beauty of the Past
1.3 Return to Carthage
1.4 Crescent Moon
1.5 Chasing the Chimera
1.6 The Underwater Garden
1.7 Behind the Iron Mask
1.8 (Morpheus) the Dreamlord
1.9 Mythos: Pt. 1, Elegy/Pt. 2, Time Unbounded
1.10 Erebus
1.11 Another Reality
1.12 Temple of the Lost Race
1.13 Setting of the Two Suns

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