Serena Maneesh

Serena Maneesh: No 2: Abyss in B Minor

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Artist: Serena Maneesh

Artist: Serena Maneesh
Title: No 2: Abyss in B Minor

Five years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut, Norway's Serena Maneesh are ready to present the world with their astonishing follow-up. Back in 2005, Serena Maneesh found themselves championed by PITCHFORK on one side of the Atlantic and DROWNED IN SOUND on the other, and quite suddenly, the band's self-titled debut became one of those rare things: A genuine word of mouth success. Here was an album that you could lose yourself in and a band you could believe in. Carefully constructed from the familiar (MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE STOOGES, NEU!) and the not so familiar (black metal, Norwegian composers such as Grieg and Fartein Valen), their wall of sound was unlike anything you'd ever heard before. The band started recording Abyss in 2008, in a cave on the outskirts of Oslo. Once recorded, they then worked on it further with Nick Terry (KLAXONS, PRIMAL SCREAM). CAN associate Rene Tinner set about mixing the results, and then it was finally mastered by Ray Staff, who mastered LED ZEPPELIN's Physical Graffiti. The end result is a remarkable eight tracks merging lilting, ethereal melodies with crushingly loud, shimmering distortion.

1.1 Ayisha Abyss
1.2 I Just Want to See Your Face
1.3 Reprobate!
1.4 Melody for Jaana
1.5 Blow Yr Brains in the Mourning Rain
1.6 Honey Jinx
1.7 D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D
1.8 Magdalena (Symphony #8)

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