Serengeti: Kenny Dennis

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Artist: Serengeti

Artist: Serengeti
Title: Kenny Dennis
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release. The sequel to last year's self-titled EP, the Kenny Dennis LP furthers Serengeti's hilarious, absurdist and subtly humane saga of a Chicago-born man with a Mike Ditka mustache, whose lovable delusions and diehard loyalty fall somewhere between Homer Simpson and a Bill Swerski superfan. The Kenny Dennis LP is full of jewels of wisdom, the tender love story Dennis and his wife Jueles, and the longtime friendship between Dennis and Ders (Anders Holm from Workaholics, a Dennis fan who appears in four skits). The beats come from Odd Nosdam and cast a similarly bizarro re-working of boom-bap, blending rugged beat breaks, sci-fi synths, and scratches courtesy of Jel. Kenny Dennis might be normal, but Serengeti's creativity is unrivaled. As bizarre as it is brilliant, it's like the deranged comic vision of an imaginary super-group comprised of Andy Kauffman, Mellow Gold-era Beck and MF Doom.

1.1 Bang Em
1.2 Punks
1.3 Laser Tag
1.4 Directions
1.5 Crush Em
1.6 GT Show '93
1.7 Kenny and Jueles
1.8 Fireworks
1.9 West of Western
1.10 50th Birthday
1.11 Flows

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