Serge Gainsbourg: Initials SG: Best of

Serge Gainsbourg: Initials SG: Best of
Artist: Serge Gainsbourg
Title: Initials SG: Best of

Known for his scandals as much as his songs, this French singer/songwriter left behind a legacy awash in eroticism, bad behavior and some really amazing tracks. Here are 23 of the best from 20 years of S.G.: Je T'aime Moi Non Plus; L'anamour; La Decadanse; Sea Sex and Sun; La Javanaise; Intoxicated Man, and more!

1.1 Le Poinconneur Des Lilas
1.2 Intoxicated Man
1.3 La Javanaise
1.4 Chez Les Ye-Ye
1.5 Couleur Cafe
1.6 Qui Est in Qui Est Out
1.7 Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde
1.8 Bonnie and Clyde
1.9 Ford Mustang
1.10 Initials BB
1.11 Requim Pour Un C
1.12 Je T'aime Moi Non Plus
1.13 L'anamour
1.14 69 Annee Erotique
1.15 Sous Le Soleil Exactement
1.16 Ballade de Melody Nelson
1.17 La Decadanse
1.18 Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'em Vais
1.19 L'homme a Tete de Chou
1.20 Marilou Sous la Neige
1.21 Sea Sex and Sun
1.22 Aux Armes Et Caetera
1.23 Dieu Fumeur de Havanes

Serge Gainsbourg: Initials SG: Best of

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