Sergio Orlandi: Remembering Nino Rota

Sergio Orlandi: Remembering Nino Rota
Artist: Sergio Orlandi
Title: Remembering Nino Rota

Among the many productions the jazz world dedicated to Nino Rota over the years, this is a peculiar one for it's way to enter an expressive universe flavored by street music, circus echoes, but at the same time thought by an educated musician who can make use of the finest writing techniques. Nino Rota's music contributed to the success of many films (and not only Fellini) that made the history of cinema.

1.1 Theme
1.2 Theme
1.3 O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia
1.4 Theme
1.5 A Time for Us (From Romeo ; Juliet)
1.6 Theme
1.7 Zosi
1.8 Waltz for Nino
1.9 Theme

Sergio Orlandi: Remembering Nino Rota

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