Serious-Music: War Is Not the Answer

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Artist: Serious-Music

Artist: Serious-Music
Title: War Is Not the Answer

Serious-Music is a female vocalist, musician and record producer from Germany, producing songs for more than 15 years about the real life, dark & deep. On the internet she met Daniel Blaine Young, lyricist and Vietnam era veteran from Wisconsin / USA. Talk Serious-Music recognized that Daniel had written lyrics about war in respect of many actual critical wars of our world. The killing of people, their freedom, their homeland, murder of civilians, bombings, the evil arms trade and corruption with war. When their first song collaboration was completed, they agree to start a song-project with 10 different songs about or against the bloodshed and evil of an unnecessary war. With these songs they wish to wake up the world to one very important message that war may always exist as a necessary evil, but should never be, unless there is absolutely no other alternative. 50 % from the sale of this CD will go to the SALVATION ARMY INTERNATIONAL for refugees in war zones.

1.1 Children of Ukraine
1.2 Bloody War
1.3 Another Soldiers Soul
1.4 War Is Not the Answer
1.5 Revolving Doors of Death
1.6 Global Nightmare
1.7 The Wars Aftermath
1.8 Drones
1.9 The Reality of War
1.10 A Beach of Bloody Sand

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