Sermon on the Mountain: Sermon on the Mountain

Sermon on the Mountain: Sermon on the Mountain
Title: Sermon on the Mountain
Label: CD Baby

Sermon on the Mountain is a collection of musicians that play bluegrass, junkyard gospel, ragtime, blues rhythm & soul music. In the beginning of Sermon of the Mountain, there was the Reverend Charlie Scream. The singer / songwriter / minister had created many tunes with glorious chords and lyrics. But something was missing, so on the 2nd day he incorporated Bootsy Cline (the bass player / whisky aficionado from The Give 'Em Hell Boys) on bass guitar into the band. And there was structure with vocal harmonies and it was good. But it was not yet complete, so on the 3rd day he added Flyin' Jay (the Pastafarian minister / keyboard & trumpet player) into the repertoire. And there were instrumental harmonies and soul, and it was better. But Sermon on the Mountain was still not yet complete, so on the 4th day he added Mike Sadava on the electric guitar. And there were more vocal harmonies with rockin' guitar solos and it was even better. But alas, there was still something missing. So on the 5th day he added Sunny Wells on the drums. And there was more structure and tightness with the drumming and it was great.

1.1 Akahall Boogie
1.2 Border Rag
1.3 Wanderlust
1.4 One More Run
1.5 Ol' Crow

Sermon on the Mountain: Sermon on the Mountain

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