Setsubun Bean Unit

Setsubun Bean Unit: Setsubun Bean Unit

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Product Type: CD

Title: Setsubun Bean Unit
Label: Accident

Fighting for the coveted title of 'most unique album of the year' comes this debut from the SETSUBUN BEAN UNIT. Setsubun Bean Unit is a new concoction/ side project from members of acclaimed folk outfit BELLOWHEAD and jazz outfit THE FARMYA RD ANIMALS that infuses Japanese traditional songs with funk, dub and electronic grooves, on MATTHEW HERBERT's revitalized ACCIDENTAL imprint. Combining traditional Japanese songs with heavy dub and funk rhythms.

1.1 Gujo Ondo
1.2 Rettsu Kissu
1.3 Fire Festival
1.4 Tora San
1.5 Moon River Is a Swamp
1.6 Akita Ondo
1.7 Tsugaru Jinku
1.8 Lion Dance

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