Severed Heads

Severed Heads: Brave New Waves Session

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Severed Heads

Artist: Severed Heads
Title: Brave New Waves Session
Product Type: VINYL LP

Recorded in CBC's studio live-to-air in 1986 while on tour with Skinny Puppy, Severed Heads' Brave New Waves session is absolutely perfect. Includes never-before heard versions of songs from The Big Bigot and Dead Eyes Open, including the band's hit, Harold & Cindy Hospital, as well as amazing commentary by the always charismatic Tom Ellard. Vinyl release, remastered from CBC reels.

1.1 Halo (Intro)
1.2 Big Blue Is Back
1.3 Propeller
1.4 Oscar's Grind
1.5 Mambo Fist Miasma
1.6 Harold and Cindy Hospital
1.7 Twenty Deadly Diseases
1.8 Petrol
1.9 Interview with Brent Bambury (1986)
1.10 Interview with Brent Bambury (1990)

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