Sexy Zone

Sexy Zone: Gyutto: Type B

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Artist: Sexy Zone

Artist: Sexy Zone
Title: Gyutto: Type B

Japanese CD + DVD (NTSC/Region 2) pressing. Sexy Zone brings a single featuring the main theme song of TV series "Wagahai no Heya de Aru" starring Fuma Kikuchi. Comes with a bonus DVD featuring a a music video of the title song co-produced with the members and elementary school students (11 min. Approx.) and a bonus content featuring the members enjoying BBQ, fireworks, and more on the beach (59 min. Approx.). Also comes with a 16-page special photo book featuring a Music Video (Making of.) 2017.

1.1 Sexy Zone
1.2 Hit the Heartbeat
1.3 Hit the Heartbeat (Instrumental)
2.1 Sexy Zone (Music Video)
2.2 Samapara Otsukaresama Kikaku!Umi Ni Zenin Shuugou!-Chotto Oso Me No Sexy Natsuyasumi

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