Sgt. Larry & the Souljers: Bill the Undeclared War Opera

Sgt. Larry & the Souljers: Bill the Undeclared War Opera
Title: Bill the Undeclared War Opera
Label: CD Baby

Bill The Undeclared War Opera is a story about a soldier's journey through Vietnam, and all that came with it. Bill, our title character, explains everything from Bootcamp -- having a good time with his friends, fear and loathing, loneliness, sorrow, being misunderstood, and, ultimately, his death. The story also is told after Bill's demise by the friends who survived him back 'in country' and the troubles all the soldiers encountered upon returning home to the United States. Our 'rock opera' is an 18-song work full of something for everyone. If you like hard-hitting rock & roll, then 'War is Hell', 'I'm On My Way', and 'Everything is Rocking' are for you! Maybe you prefer a nice ballad. Then 'I Never Really Loved Her', 'Amnesty', and 'Orders' will tug on your heartstrings. We also remember the dark places in the war. 'Firefight/No Angels' is a compelling no-nonsense look at life and death on the battlefield, and songs like 'Contemplation' reflects the hopelessness of the post war era.

1.1 My Generation
1.2 1-A
1.3 Cadence
1.4 Orders
1.5 I'm on My Way
1.6 Everything Is Rocking
1.7 Away from Home
1.8 I Hate This War
1.9 Firefight/No Angels
1.10 Silver Caskets
1.11 Taps Over Bill
1.12 Bullet Through the Heart
1.13 I Never Really Loved Her
1.14 Contemplation
1.15 War Is Hell
1.16 Amnesty
1.17 Hanging in My Mind
1.18 Here's Hope

Sgt. Larry & the Souljers: Bill the Undeclared War Opera

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