Shacktones: Captain Jim (Follow the Line)

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Artist: Shacktones

Artist: Shacktones
Title: Captain Jim (Follow the Line)

The Shacktones, an ad hoc collection of top-shelf Central Ohio musicians, bring to life the long-forgotten story of Toledo fireman Captain James Fraser ('Captain Jim'), who tragically died in an 1894 fire that nearly destroyed all of downtown Toledo. Captain Jim's remains still lie beneath the concrete and sod of Toledo's Promenade Park, unmarked and unbeknownst to park visitors. The songs on this CD commemorate this important and inspiring historic event. On a bitterly cold January night in 1894, three thunderous explosions ripped through the massive King-Quale grain elevators along Toledo's riverfront. Driven by gale-force winds, the raging inferno marched westward devouring building after building and block after block as it threatened to destroy all of Toledo's business district. Captain Jim and his partner, Fred Blaine, had courageously entered the burning King-Quale elevator when the room they were in exploded, slamming both of them to the floor. Severely injured, Fred helplessly watched Captain Jim turn and stagger into the smoke and darkness. Captain Jim was never seen again. Somehow managing to crawl though a broken window, Fred was severely injured, but survived to tell the story and recount Captain Jim's last earthly words. For many days following the fire, in a freezing rain, grieving firefighters on their hands and knees sifted through the steaming ashes and debris, but never found a trace of Captain Jim. 120 years later, Captain Jim still lies somewhere beneath Promenade Park. Captain Jim, an Irish immigrant, former Great Lakes sailor and Civil War veteran, was revered by his men as a 'brave and fearless' leader, who never said 'Go', just 'Follow me'. He always told his men to 'Follow the line' (the fire hose) if they ever got into trouble - it would always lead them back to safety. The lyrics to 'Captain Jim (Follow the Line)' on this CD were composed by stitching together many of the exact words spoken by Fred Blaine in describing Captain Jim's last moments and the elegant and vivid descriptions of the event printed in local newspapers of the day. Recorded at both the legendary John Schwab Recording Studio (Columbus, Ohio) and at Prince George Studios (New Albany, Ohio), the songs were mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Some of the best Central Ohio musicians were enlisted to pull the project together, including vocalist Jesse Henry (of the Spikedrivers), Lucas Holmes (keyboards), Chris Guthrie (drums), Larry Cook (bass, guitar), Mike Shoaf (bass) and Domique De Biasio (background vocals). The CD includes a full-color 8-page booklet that tells in greater detail the story of Captain Jim and Toledo's King-Quale elevator fire.

1.1 Captain Jim (Follow the Line) [Radio Edit] - the Shacktones
1.2 Captain Jim (Follow the Line) [The Brave and Fearless Mix] - the Shacktones

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