Shahin Torabi

Shahin Torabi: Moonlit Heavy

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Artist: Shahin Torabi

Artist: Shahin Torabi
Title: Moonlit Heavy

Moonlit Heavy is the debut album by Sebastian Ciceri. The music is inspired by the works of Thomas Newman, Air, Boards Of Canada and Ennio Morricone. Sebastian Ciceri ~ bass, guitars, rhythmic patterns strings and production elements Chance Hutchison vocals on Just Like A Fist :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Produced by Sebastian Ciceri Artwork by Valerie Hall Additional drum samples provided by Cosmo Jones ©2006 / 2007 lofi voltage control music.

1.1 Into the Light
1.2 Sound of Oblivion
1.3 Just Like a Fist (Feat. Chance)
1.4 People of the Garden
1.5 Underwater Playground
1.6 Star in the Black
1.7 Couch Dreams
1.8 Under a Park Bench
1.9 Gypsies Are Coming
1.10 Ways to Change Faces
1.11 Closer Moon
1.12 Daylight Memories

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