Shane Papatolicas

Shane Papatolicas: In Between Years

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Artist: Shane Papatolicas
Title: In Between Years

Shane Papatolicas's 12-year run in San Francisco came to an explosive end with the release of his band Temperance Union's rocking 5-song EP 'Last Orders' in 2013. After a move across the world to Melbourne, Papatolicas returns to his folky roots with 'In Between Years', his first solo record since 2005's Going My Way. Narratives of loss, separation, renewal and change adorn this melodic, 13-song effort by a veteran songwriter at the height of his creativity. The result is a beautiful, cohesive record full of thought provoking tales and captivating choruses.

1.1 Introduction to the First Part
1.2 At Your Door
1.3 Melody Song
1.4 Brighton Street Memoir
1.5 Shaking Me Down
1.6 SF So Long
1.7 Feel Nothing Soul
1.8 Save Ferris
1.9 Breaking Down
1.10 For the Young One
1.11 The Last Part
1.12 The End of the Last Part
1.13 A Murder of Crows

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