Shane Simonsen

Shane Simonsen: Well

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Artist: Shane Simonsen

Artist: Shane Simonsen
Title: Well

'The Well' is a collection of recordings from 2007. The lo-fi nature reflects a season of displacement in a hi-tech world. Mostly recorded with a lap-top microphone in a fifth wheel trailer and converted garage, Shane Simonsen has encapsulated the deep yearnings and breadth of a journey in faith. It could be said that 'The Well' is a lo-fi, acoustic examination of God, faith, people and religion.

1.1 The Well
1.2 Onramp
1.3 Angeles
1.4 Alter Call
1.5 I Didn't Come Here
1.6 My Hope
1.7 Remember Rome
1.8 Broken Homes (Live)

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