Shane: Stuck on Earth

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Artist: Shane

Artist: Shane
Title: Stuck on Earth

Who said rock and roll is dead? Formed out of the ashes of Los Angeles legendary band Life On Mars (will they ever finally release a full CD)? Featuring Life On Mars frontman Shane Stewart on Vocals and Guitars and John Baldwin on the bass, the two are joined by Matt Laug (Slash's Snakepit) and Stephen Murphy on drums. This is music for music fans. This is not corporate manufactured-one hit wonder-throw away pre-packaged crap. There was a time when great rock music came through artists you knew were telling the truth; artists who had their own unique voice. Led Zeppelin. Neil Young, U2, Radiohead, and others carried the torch. That flame has been missing from much of todays music but that same spirit has found a new voice in Shane. Music has always been the language of our souls... a few guys get together in a room with bass, drums, and guitars and sometimes something magical happens.....

1.1 When the New World Begins
1.2 Lighter
1.3 Crime
1.4 Not a Single Tear
1.5 Where Do You Hide
1.6 AC/DC
1.7 Stuck on Earth
1.8 Formosa Bar
1.9 The First Stone
1.10 Movie
1.11 You're My God
1.12 Zen

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