Sharav: New Music from the Old World

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Artist: Sharav

Artist: Sharav
Title: New Music from the Old World

Sharav is a group of extraordinary musicians with roots in Middle Eastern, African, and Latin traditions who came together in the Middle East and North America to create this beautiful music which speaks to our common soul. It is at once deeply into ancient traditions and yet still totally innovative and new. These sounds will uplift your spirit and open your ears. It is new music from the one global village in which we really live. Based on a foundation of gifted percussionists and a virtuoso fretless bassist, the music soars on the wings of acoustic guitar, violin, and woodwinds in compositions and improvisations that are fresh and original, yet accessible and familiar on a deep level. This disk has helped scores of people work, drive, heal, groove, and contemplate since it's release in 1999. It is sure to become a gem of your music collection. Hear what has made this a favorite for so many!

1.1 Sababa
1.2 Circle of Desire
1.3 Mercado
1.4 The Banyas
1.5 Sunrise
1.6 Sharav
1.7 Al Hamdalila
1.8 Belly Dance
1.9 Hamsin

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