Shari Wilson-Cole

Shari Wilson-Cole: Warrior Princess

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Artist: Shari Wilson-Cole
Title: Warrior Princess

If you love music by the likes of Jennifer Warnes, Karla Bonhoff and others, mixed with the lyrical sensibilities of a Leonard Cohen, this one is for you. Shari Wilson Cole recorded 'Dancing On The Water In Tel Aviv' originally in 1992 and it was rescued from cassette and edited and re-arranged by John Perkins at InterMet Music just recently. The resurrection of that dance track written 17 years ago awakened a talent that has been laid down over the years while raising her family. Now she has travelled to England to work on an album of new songs, co-written with producer John Perkins and her film maker Roger Toye. This musical journey is taking her far beyond the original influences of Madonna (clearly recognisable on that early track) into the world of poetic songwriting on strong subjects. Opening with the mysterious '7 seconds to midnight' a rock, cityscape of New York, a city built on 12 faultlines, the album continues with a pain excorcism ballad called 'Splinters' which is reminiscent of Jim Webb's Shattered. When Angels Cry is a more jazz oriented chilling groove with a lyrical look at how the internet is being ever more used to coral people into places they don't want to go. ...... and so onward through hauntingly beautiful acoustic tracks such as 'Guiding Light' to rock extraveganza such as the title track Warrior Princess, and mysterious songs like Sheba, the album runs through differing moods but never loses the thread that connects all the tracks. With this new release begins a new chapter.

1.1 7 Seconds to Midnight
1.2 Splinters
1.3 Dancing on the Water in Tel Aviv
1.4 When Angels Cry
1.5 Guiding Light
1.6 Warrior Princess
1.7 Sheba
1.8 I Don't Want to Say Goodbye
1.9 Find You
1.10 Leaving
1.11 Indigo Blue

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