Sharif: Acariciado Mundo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sharif

Artist: Sharif
Title: Acariciado Mundo

As a general assessment, we could say that with this (impressive) new album, "Acariciado Mundo", Zaragozan Sharif is up to date in every way. In a fourth album one could think that, once a style and a target audience have been reached, an artist can just sit down and draw a continuist line for the rest of his career. This is not the case with Sharif. Sharif's powerful lyrics not only remain intact, but shine in a special way on each track. Let's not forget that we are dealing with one of the best composers/lyricists on the scene who works hard to move forward in his style. "Acariciado Mundo" is a raw and wounded album where heartbreak and melancholy show through a large part of the tracks.

1.1 Nacimiento
1.2 Plegaria
1.3 Lo Que Nunca Ha Sido Mío
1.4 Entrevista PT1
1.5 R.O.N.R.O.N.E.A
1.6 Los Últimos Noctámbulos
1.7 Entrevista PT2
1.8 Culpable
1.9 La Primera Persona Del Plural
1.10 En Todas Las Lenguas
1.11 Entrevista PT3
1.12 La Traición
1.13 La Carta
1.14 Je Veux Te Dire
1.15 Entrevista PT4
1.16 Lo Que Rompen Mis Palabras

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