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Shark Hat: Shark Hat

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Artist: Shark Hat

Artist: Shark Hat
Title: Shark Hat

Shark Hat digs real rock and roll, and the guys in the band understand that rock is an inclusive medium. Born when the blues mixed with country music and R&B, rock then went on to spawn new forms like funk and psychedelia. A little jazz bird flew over to check out flowering rock and roll, and it left it's mark. In turn, rock sent some of that potent pollen back on over to jazz. This spirit of inclusion, of crosspollination, is what inspires Shark Hat. The band's foundation is in the rock of the '60s and '70s, and really what that means is anything goes. Got an idea? Let's try it. Got another? Let's try that one too. No source goes untapped in Shark Hat's varied world. The group's roots are visible, but it's branches reach up and out of sight. Like The Band in it's heyday, Shark Hat processes all the music the members have heard over the years and focuses it into a well-honed hybrid that touches on all of the styles listed above. Whether you're talking about the group's passion for songcraft or it's instrumental flights of fancy, the band members agree on two things: rock and roll. Shark Hat found it's fins in the late '90s as Blunt Force, tightening up by logging countless bar and club dates in the New York Tri-State area and expanding it's fan base on road trips to Boston, Vermont, and San Francisco. After releasing it's self-titled LP in 2004 and consolidating from a quintet to a four-piece, the band is streamlined and ready to bring hot tunes and soaring emotions to anyone who likes fiery dual-guitar rock and honest, gritty singing. Says 'Shark Hat's self-titled debut CD is a freewheeling, genre-jumping ride through the side alleys of rootsy American rock. Funk meets fusion with undertones of jazz as they pound and roar through eleven uproarious tracks. The CD captures them at their lyrical and musical best, creating pure rock 'n' roll with a raucous energy.' Shark Hat is: Steve Leroy -- bass Kevin McDonald -- guitar, vocals Michael Parillo -- drums Enzo Ricci -- guitar, vocals Contact Shark Hat at, or call 718.812.8050.

1.1 Right Way
1.2 Loftus Leftus
1.3 Beautiful Thing
1.4 Murphy
1.5 Not Cryin'
1.6 New Millennium Blues
1.7 New Soles
1.8 Quando Sei Stanca
1.9 23rd ; D
1.10 Any Which Way
1.11 Shakti

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