Sharks! on Fire!

Sharks! on Fire!: From Birth to Bad Grades (Everyday the Same Dream)

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Artist: Sharks! on Fire!
Title: From Birth to Bad Grades (Everyday the Same Dream)

From Birth To Bad Grades (Everyday, The Same Dream) is finally here, after THREE YEARS of writing. This album spans the time from before we moved to Vancouver and includes all our struggles since: Giving up our homes, lives and friends to move cities. Starting it all over: Being broke. Homeless. Fights. Criminal charges. Friends and enemies. Living every day for the same dream. Released 11 January 2013. Recorded and mixed by Mike Kraushaar at Bully's Studios Mastered by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders Art by Sheldon Stenning.

1.1 Everyday, the Same Dream
1.2 You Make Me Touch Your Hands for Stupid Reasons
1.3 The Bird and the Bee
1.4 Picnic in Friendship Park
1.5 Shy Guy in the 90's
1.6 Tama Hills
1.7 Act I: Cigarettes for Money
1.8 Act II: Things'll Get Better, Man
1.9 Act III: Trust Your Footing

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