Sharon Difronzo

Sharon Difronzo: Sharon Difronzo

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Artist: Sharon Difronzo

Artist: Sharon Difronzo
Title: Sharon Difronzo

What does a sister do to fulfill her late brother's wish? Well, if that sister is Boston singer/songwriter Sharon Difronzo, then she gathers up her years of experience, a great producer & musicians, plus everything in her heart and soul, and records her own album. Her brother Joey, to whom the CD is dedicated, would be proud, as Sharon continues to get airplay on local radio stations (including WMJX, WBOS, WERS & WMFO) with her self-titled debut CD. The CD is filled with heartfelt, but strong, adult contemporary/soft rock originals co-written by Sharon and her long time partner, Mike Nolette, also of Massachusetts. Mistaken Identity, #7 was written by Sharon and her producer, Harry King, a veteran of the music industry. You'll also hear subtle flavors of blues and country, which are woven into the songs showing the various influences who have left their mark on this artist. Sharon sings with a passion and longs for you to feel every word, which is why her CD is drawing people to it. If you're looking to experience music in the tradition of Ronstadt, Raitt, and even a little Streisand, turn your attention to Sharon Difronzo.'

1.1 It's Not About Me
1.2 Better Than Lonely
1.3 Through Space and Time
1.4 Don't Give Your Heart Away
1.5 I'll Think of You That Way
1.6 Comin' and Goin'
1.7 Mistaken Identity
1.8 Now She Can Have You
1.9 Corners
1.10 This Time Last Year
1.11 What's Goin' On?
1.12 High Expectations

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